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17 March 2021 - 19 March 2021
Investment and Matchmaking Forum on Energy and Environment
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Open until 31 May 2021

ℹ️ How to Request Meetings?

How does it work? The process

1. Online Registration 

  • Register for the event by clicking on the green button "Register now" at the top right of the website. Registration will open 17 February 2021 until 19 March 2021
    Participation is free of charge
  • Create your profile:
  • Invest good time in creating a high-quality profile. This will be useful as your profile represents your virtual business card and can attract potential business partners.

I. Publish a profile to showcase your needs

  • Create a clear business/tech profile about your organisation.
  • Your profile will be reviewed before it is validated and published on the platform.
    To validate profile, we request:
    • right participant type category
    • a clear and complete Organization description
    • Input at least one Marketplace entry
    • profile in English or Spanish is preferable.
  • You can update your profile, attendance, account settings and add other Marketplace entries at any given time.
  • All participants need to include their personal time zone in the section “My profile”. This is very important, as your individual event agenda will be set by the system based on this information

II. Create your Marketplace

The Marketplace enables you to list your offer and request items and to search for suitable business partners based on these items. You can present your offer within the following categories: 

  • Product 
  • Service 
  • Partnership 
  • Project cooperation 
  • Investment Opportunity 
  • Expertise 
  • Request

A minimum of one Marketplace entry is required for profile validation.

We suggest you create meaningful and attractive Marketplace items and remember: your profile is the FIRST impression other participants will get of you!  

2. Promotion of Published Profiles

  • All event's participants (validated) will be able to view your profile and will browse the Marketplace. 

3. Matchmaking Event

If you wish to participate in the matchmaking sessions, indicate when would be available for meetings. this determines up how many meetings can have. check your meeting schedule online (including last minute variations). Get ready at least 10 minutes before start of meeting. mindful other participants' time and remember show if are not able attend a due unforeseen circumstances, please contact organisers or support office they will inform counterpart.

4. Selection of bilateral meetings 

ℹ️ Virtual Meetings Page

👆Click to jump to the Virtual Meetings dedicated page. Collection of FAQs and screenshots to guide you.

👉🏻 The meetings booking phase will open on March 1st 2021.
You can start to actively request and accept meetings. Browse Participants list and request meetings!

Smart search options allow you to quickly identify the most suitable participants/ Marketplace profiles. In a few minutes you should be able to identify future potential partners.

I. Booking of bilateral meetings

Check which participant profiles are most promising and interesting for you in the Marketplace

  • Filter cooperation profiles (with filters on the left column of the Participants page) and find the ones meeting your needs
  • Request meetings you are interested in as Host
  • Receive meeting invitations from other participants as Guest
  • When you book a meeting with a participant from another country, consider the different time zone. Below a useful example
Country Italy Botswana Cuba Ethiopia Kazakhstan Kenya Peru
Time 2 PM 3 PM 8 AM 4 PM 7 PM (Nursultan) 4 PM 8 AM

You can add further meetings any time, but be aware that bookings are managed on the principle "first come - first served". 

You can book meetings AND you can also be booked by other participants!

II. Your personal meeting schedule (your Agenda)

  • Check your Agenda and Meetings tab on your personal profile area after Login online.
  • You will receive your meeting schedule (time & table number, participant to meet) the day before the event.

ℹ️ What is a Brokerage Event?